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What is license and how does it work?
What is license and how does it work?
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In order to use Teams Pro features to the fullest, users need to understand what are licenses and how it actually works.

License is a right of a user to view, edit and delete the events inside each Teams Pro application. Even if you want 10 users just to view all premium features, you still need to purchase 10 licenses for them.

The first person, who purchases Teams Pro or logs in to the Admin Center is considered as an Owner and the Admin of Teams Pro (it can be Calendar Pro, KeePass Pro or Gantt Chart or any other Teams Pro solution).

After purchasing the licenses, an Admin needs to assign those licenses to the users. They can do so on

Owners can also assign other Admins on

If an Admin has changed in your corporation, and you need to assign a new Admin-Owner, please contact our Customer Support.

All the Admins will be responsible to assign new users who will ask request. Hence, only Admins will receive emails to assign new users per their request.

Be aware: in order to become an Admin in existing subscription, do not log in into yet, but main Admin and Owner needs to assign you an Admin license. If you have already logged in to, but want to become part of Active subscription, you need to delete your initial account on Admin Center and wait for a main Admin to assign you as another Admin.


Who is considered an Admin?

An Admin is the person who purchased Teams Pro solution. Simple login does not make a user an Admin. In order to become an Admin please purchase our solution or contact our Customer Support.

What are the Admin rights?

An Admin can do following:

  • Have an access to Admin Center (

  • Purchase new Teams Pro applications;

  • Unsubscribe from any Teams Pro subscriptions;

  • Assign new users with license to view, add, edit or delete events/tasks

  • Assign new Admins, who can assign other licenses.

What is a license?

License is the right to have an access to Teams Pro data. With the license a user can view all events/tasks, add, edit or delete them.

Who can purchase, assign and revoke license?

Any person can purchase Teams Pro, but only an Admin can assign and revoke licenses.

Do all employees need a license?

Only the users who will interact with Teams Pro (add, edit, delete or view the events/tasks) need the license.

What happens if the Admin left the company?

If the Admin left the company and you still need Teams Pro solution, please contact Customer Support.

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