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How to access KeePass Pro master password?
How to access KeePass Pro master password?
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KeePass Pro in a Microsoft Teams Channel

If KeePass Pro is on the channel, everyone in the channel can access the master password.

  1. Go to Tab Settings and click 'Remove' (this action will NOT immediately remove the tab).

  2. A window will open up. Copy the Master Password.

  3. Click on 'Close'. ⚠️ Do NOT click on remove.

Personal KeePass Pro (pinned on the navigation bar)

If KeePass Pro is pinned to the left navigation bar, only you can access it.

When you first create the vault, a pop up message will appear. This is the ONLY moment the Master Password will appear to you.

⚠️ Make sure you have a copy of the master password. If you lose/forget the master password, even Witivio can't help in retrieving it.

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