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How can I add tags to my events?
How can I add tags to my events?
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Using tags to filter your events is a powerful way to personalize and streamline your Calendar Pro view.

This feature allows you to categorize your events based on different criteria such as project, team, or task type. By adding tags, you can quickly and efficiently find the events that are most relevant to you, cutting through the clutter and enhancing your productivity.

For example, using tags to filter events such as your colleagues' holidays is a great way to keep track of who's in and out of the office.

Click on the Settings button ⚙️ next to the 'Month' button > select '🏷️ Tag management' (1). A new dialog will pop up.

On the Tag management section you can create (2 - 3) and edit your tags.

For this particular example, we will explain the case of Contoso.

Contoso uses Calendar Pro to manage employees Paid Time Off (PTO) across multiple office locations. They created a tag for each of the employee (4) so managers can filter down the calendar by employee (5).

Employees and manager can tag PTO from the main event creation page (6).

ℹ️ Users will need a Calendar Pro premium license to be able to use tags.

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