Before, 1 Calendar Pro = $11.99, 2 Calendar Pro = $23.98 and so on. From the 18th January 2022, 1 user = 1 license = unlimited Calendar Pro Premium. The price will start at $0,29 user/month.

For example, the company Contoso uses Calendar Pro to manage five different projects in 5 channels. These projects have a Project Manager, John, and ten project executives.

Former billing model

Contoso was paying for these 5 Calendar Pro a total of $59.95 yearly ($11.99 per Calendar Pro Premium). Everybody in the project could use the premium features of Calendar Pro (Recurrent events and print calendar).

However, the premium features were only applicable to these specific Calendar Pro. Whenever they needed another Calendar Pro Premium for another project, the company had to pay $11.99.

John and all project executives had access to premium features for 5 Calendar Pro Premium.

New billing model

Contoso pays a total of $59.29 yearly for 11 premium licenses. Everybody in the project can use the Premium Calendar Pro features and use unlimited Calendar Pro Premium.

Contoso doesn't have to pay for an additional Calendar Pro Premium anymore when starting a new project.

John and all project executives have access to all premium features for unlimited Calendar Pros.

What happens if someone in the team doesn't have a license?

Let's say that John is welcoming an intern, Megan, to the project team. Megan doesn't have a Calendar Pro license, yet she can still see the content of the Calendar Pro, create and modify new events. She has access to Calendar Pro, but she can't use the premium features.

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